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The D Word

February 23, 2018

The D Word


Half of new mothers get concerned about their mental health and suffer in silence according to a new study by NCT. That is just HUGE amounts of people and the silence is just not necessary however I know how hard it can be to admit it.


Please never feel like you are letting anyone down, you are a bad mum or you are not coping - Mental Health is real and it is no-ones fault! For those who don't know about PANDA get on their website now, even if you feel great, half of your friends are not feeling so chipper according to NCT


Other tips;

Talk, talk and talk some more. When it is out in the open, it is easier to digest and think of a solution. A problem shared is a problem halved so they say. It doesn't matter who you talk to, a listening ear is all you need. Wine sometimes helps too (if you are not breastfeeding - which BTW is also totally OK!)


Eat good, feel good. It sounds so simple but getting enough good food inside you helps you think clearer, gives you a natural energy boost and general overall feeling. Don't feel like cooking, get a healthy ready meal - we won't tell!


Go for a walk. I want to tell you to keep fit, but who has time for that. But walking on the other hand, we can all nearly manage that. Walk to tesco, walk to costa, walk just to walk and feel some fresh air. It's a great time for thinking, baby gets out and even 20 minutes will do you the world of good.


Accept help, make time for you. It is so easy to think that we are superwomen and we can do it all. There are a few who can and I want their secret, but the other 99.9% of us will eventually crash and burn. If you have been offered a babysitter for an hour, take them up on it. You don't need to leave the house, but you could go get that shower you have been meaning to take for 3 days or just go and nap without one ear open. You and baby will be reunited with a fresh Mumma!


Contact Mumsupport if you don't feel like you have anyone to turn to - already ready to listen x

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