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New Mum - 7 Things To Take Notes On!

February 24, 2018

7 things we know you wish you had done or knew when baby first arrived..

1. Limited visitors in that first week especially
You are learning your baby, you will never get this week back again EVER. Just be with your baby, they have the rest of their life to be shared around.

2. Prepped food before baby arrived for the freezer
You will forget to eat, let alone have the energy to cook. Stock up on some healthy goodness in the freezer.

3. Not have bought so many newborn and 0-3 baby clothes as baby-grows are so much comfier and easier!
Yes I know, there are the most adorable outfits out there and won't the photos be cute. Reality is you are going to be changing them 12 times a day and wearing clothes is a whole new thing to a newborn - keep them comfy and stockpile baby-grows.

4. Rested more
Labour is tough on our bodies and a rested Mummy makes a happier baby as you are calmer and can think straight.

5. Formula or Breast Feeding - either is perfect!
Every genius in history was not exclusively breastfed for the first 3 years of their lives.. we can still grow to walk, talk, be successful and have excellent relationships breast or formula fed. It really doesn't matter and you are not a failure whichever you do.

6. Everyone will have some advice that worked for them, it won't always work that way for you. 
Your Mum, best friend, friends neighbours sister all will tell you to do this and do that but their babies are not your baby - sometimes it works, sometimes it's just a non starter.

7. If you don't need/want someone's hand-me-downs it's okay to say thanks but no thanks. 
Somethings are great to be given, sometimes it spoils your own buying experience as you feel pressured into using what you have been given. It's not rude to say no thank you - this is your baby, you accept what you would like and decline what you don't.

Anything else you wish you had done or knew in the those first weeks?



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