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Life from a Newborn's perspective

May 1, 2018

So we know what it's like having a newborn baby - or we think we know what to expect (as pending parents.) But what is it like for a baby having a life in the world? 


Let me set the scene..

Life is good. You have food cooking in the oven, the heating on, Eastenders is coming up next and you can't wait to get into that comfy bed in an hour. You then get a knock on the door and are told you are being evicted immediately from your home and being moved to Nauru. Where? You are put on a plane, with nothing but the clothes you are wearing and that's it - time to fend for yourself. You arrive in Nauru not knowing the language, no money to buy food, your body clock has no idea what time it is and the climate is nothing like you are used to in rainy England. How are you feeling right now? I would guess quite anxious, scared, disorientated and probably highly pissed off. You have zero control over what just happened and you have to rely on others to help you, feed you, look after you. You get used to your new life in time, start to enjoy your new life but it takes time and is not a smooth transition. 



That is basically what happens to our little bundles of joy and personally I think they are coping with the life shaking change incredibly well - as if it were me, I'm not sure I would do so swimmingly - even as an adult.

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