Sleep Consultancy

For all my packages, I share my proven gentle techniques and methods with you. This is not 'sleep training', babies already know how to sleep! This is teaching parents the skills to aid baby to fall into a routine which can be both fixed or flexible, to suit your families needs.


You will receive an in depth sleep plan that matches your babies natural rhythms and that suits you as a family. Also, some tips for the future of how it adjust things as your baby grows. Allowing your baby how to put themselves to sleep is one of the most important and beneficial lessons you will teach your child and it’s never too early to start encouraging positive sleep habits

All packages also include ongoing support so you can always ping me a message when you need some further support. Most babies are in a better routine within 2-4 days! 

Sleep consultancy is not just for the nights either, naps are just as important as nighttime sleep, if your baby isn't sleeping well in the day, this is something I can assist with also.

Phone Consultation

60 Minutes

Ideal for parents who need some initial advice and have their questions answered about sleep, routines, reflux or feeding. We will have a sleep plan made for you after an in-depth chat about what is your main problem areas, so you can put the plan into practice yourself. Ideal for those parents who feel strong enough to go it alone and are ready to get things sorted ASAP!

Now £100.00! 

Personalised Plan

Email Only

Complete our sleep questionnaire and then receive by email a sleep plan that has been personalised to suit you and your babies needs and natural rhythm. This is a great option for parents who need some help but do not need a full consultation. This is personalised to you, not an automated generic email of advice and routine guide.

Now £50.00! 

At Home Support

In Person

Where you need support through your nights or days with sleep and routine or you need to hand baby over to get into the new rhythm of a new routine, feeding schedule or taking a bottle from breast feeding. The in person package is going to be your saviour! Covering South and South East England only. 

£30 per hour, minimum 8 hours.