Police Background Checked


Car Driver

First Aid Certificate

32 Years Old 

Maternity Nurse 2007 - current

I have been working with families as a maternity nurse for 9 years, this has included 24 hour roles, adjusting babies to new time zones, sleep training, helping babies through colic and weaning. Helping parents adjusting to the new life with a baby, breast feeding support, PND support, personal care of mum and more. 

Sleep Consultant 2016 - current

I have been lucky enough to be able to assist many families with in person,  online and telephone support for sleep training and general troubleshooting of their newborn babies. We have come across quite a few problems with not taking the bottle, not taking the breast, reflux, colic, napping issues and more. But there has been nothing we have not been able to overcome with continued support and advice by phone.

Nanny 2006 - 2016

I have travelled all over working as a baby Nanny for all kinds of families. I have worked for some well known faces, some struggling families alongside the local authorities and Mr and Mrs Smith next door. I have the ability to fit into any new surrounding and be your babies newest happy face to get to know. I also have worked as a proxy parent, for families with travelling parents. On-board super yachts helping youngsters get their sea legs. Travelling Nanny jobs which takes us to a new destination every other week. Rural roles feeding the chickens and collecting eggs as part of my day and working in London battling London traffic during the school run and keeping up with the ever busy social life of a baby. 


When my husband was transferred to work in London from our home in Los Angeles, I was tasked with finding a night nanny to help our one-year-old son with the sleep transition sight unseen! I trusted my gut and hired Steph based on her impeccable work experience and references, and it was the best decision! Steph is professional, warm, and incredibly knowledgeable. She helped calm and educate us on the best course of action when our son had difficulty sleeping, and she quickly got him on a new schedule. Not only does Steph have a decade of experience as a night nanny but she has amazing resources for any family's needs. It was such a pleasure to meet and work with her!


Stephanie has been a great support to me over the past 3 and a half months, since the birth of my first child. I have had a few difficulties being a first time mum and knowing little about implementing routines and good sleep habits. Stephanie has been guiding me with her vast knowledge and past experience over this time and I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done without her. She is literally always on hand (via telephone) for any questions I have with some amazing suggestions on how to help me and my baby boy. Since taking advice from Stephanie and figuring out a good routine together my little boy has gone from being a difficult screaming baby too being so much more settled. Stephanie helped me decide on things like an EASY routine to start with, dreamfeeding, establishing a good bedtime routine, to now stretching out feeds so my boy takes more milk rather than just snacking and as a result he sleeps for longer at night.... I now have a happy baby.


Amazing!!! Nothing is too much trouble! 
Needed some support regarding feeds for my little girl, as a first time mum and having a 5 week old i didn't know if i was doing it right but was given confidence in myself and knowing what i am doing is perfect for my baby, i now know to continue and have been given guidance on how to encourage good routine. 

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